Life is not waiting for the storm to pass. Life’s about learning to dance in the rain.


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“Learning to Dance in the Rain: A Parent’s Guide to Neuroblastoma Diagnosis, Treatment and Beyond”


The Other Child: A Parent’s Guide

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We have just published our second book called “The Other Child: A Parent’s Guide”. Our first book is about Nathan’s trip through pediatric cancer.  This new book is about our daughter Katherine’s trip through Nathan’s cancer.  Sometimes one event in a life is so extreme and encompassing that we miss out on the others in our lives.

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Our goal is to find a way to get one of these books into the hands of all new families diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. “Learing to Dance in the Rain” is the beginning primer of what a family will face when dealing with pediatric oncology (aka cancer). It will guide families through scans, tests and treatments as well as the vocabulary that will soon become common in your world.  This book is laid out so the reader can just pick the topic that is currently important and return to the rest when they are needed. This book is a gift from the Author’s family. There will be no charge for it on this

The Other Child describes what we learned about caring for our healthy child, while caring for our sick child. This book discussed the four excuses we used that prevented us from fully integrating her into our lives caring for Nathan.

These books gifts from the Author’s family. There will be no charge for it on this site, or the printed version from the author. It is their wish to help other families with an overview of the maze of information surrounding the world of Neuroblastoma.

Learning to Dance in the Rain is available in English, Spanish and Lithuanian.  Our missionary friends the Orellanas have taken the time and love to translate these words into Spanish. The parent organization Paguoda translated the book to Lithuanian and printed it for families in Lithuania. Here you can download for free any of the three versions of the book in PDF. There is a Kindle Spanish or English version available for purchase ($0.99) on

To have a book delivered to you, please request books using this link:  Request Free Paperback Book. The book request form has a place to choose either the English or the Spanish version.  For the Lithuanian version, at least for now, please contact Paguoda directly:

The Spanish and English books are directly available on Amazon  and Kindle.  Books will cost $10.00 on Amazon and $0.99 for Kindle.  You can still request them for free from this site. ANY and ALL proceeds will go to printing and shipping more books to other families.

We have links to the resources listed in the book as well as additional resources not found in the book.

Feel free to email the author with questions and comments.

There is a lot of information out there. The trick is to find only the information you need or want. On each page of this website there is a link to a Facebook page. I hope that parents will participate in a discussion group on Facebook to share with other families those amazing stories about our children. It is a place to share photos and moments of our precious children.

We have become part of a Christian Ministry called MJ Ministries Inc.  All donations are now tax deductible. Follow this link to learn more about the amazing work being done by MJ Ministries Inc.  Sign up to follow her blog on facebook.

This book is printed for families completely by donations made to MJ Ministries Inc.

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