Life is not waiting for the storm to pass. Life’s about learning to dance in the rain.



Learning to Dance in the Rain is a Parent’s guide to dealing with the ins and outs a family goes through during diagnosis, treatment and late effects associated with Neuroblastoma, a nasty form of childhood cancer.  Many families call it “the Beast”.  This book is to be given free to any family that needs or wants it.   The book was released June, 2013.  In that time, we have given away over 7000 paperback books and many more electronic copies have been downloaded to 115 different countries.  You can read more about this book, the Author and download a free electronic copy on other parts of this website.

We now have a second book: “The Other Child: A Parent’s Guide”.  This book tells our daughter’s story through Nathan’s battle with cancer.  Our preconceived idea that having Kate lead a “normal life” aka before cancer was misdirected love for our daughter.  In fact, as we look back, fully integrating her into Nathan’s care would have been best for her.

We are constantly giving books away as well as raising funds for the next printing.  It costs about $5 per book to print and mail a paperback copy to each family that wants one.  We will always give this book away to families that want it.  Therefore we need help from friends and extended families and hospitals to make this happen.  Shipping to families has been covered by wonderful people who have donated to this site.  All funds go to printing and shipping books.

We are now part of MJ Ministries Inc a  501c3 organization.  Donations are now tax deductible.

Thanks to everyone for the welcoming support and fabulous comments!

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